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Hi there!

I'm Ell.

Software Developer + UX Designer

Realize your unique digital vision! Want a fully customized website? Interested in creating a mobile app? All you need are your ideas; let's build together!

Hey there! I'm Ell, a software engineer and recent graduate from UC Irvine with a B.S. in Informatics. Throughout my time at college, I have discovered a passion for software engineering, UX design and research, and the intersections of technology and social justice. My interests outside of technology include art, crocheting, writing, environmentalism, and social justice, especially the topics of class and race theory and LGBTQ+ rights. An important career goal of mine is to contribute my efforts to software development projects that will benefit marginalized communities, whether that is in the role of developer, researcher, or designer. I know that I can take on any of these roles because I have had experience in my courses performing each role and I am hard-working, pragmatic, creative, detail-oriented, and passionate.Currently, I'm working as a Computer Science Instructor at Juni Learning. The most valuable things I have gained during my time teaching my students are communication skills, adaptability, patience, and a deeper appreciation for programming languages .I have found that I love to work with both technology and people, and discovered a passion for helping and encouraging children to explore careers in STEM, especially girls and children of color who are underrepresented in the field of computer science.