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Hey there! I'm Ell, a fourth-year Informatics student at University of California, Irvine. Throughout my time at college, I have discovered a passion for software engineering, UX design and research, and the intersections of technology and social justice. I would love to enrich my knowledge in these fields by engaging with professionals in the field and learning through hands-on experience with software engineering projects.

My interests outside of technology include art, crocheting, writing, environmentalism, and social justice, especially the topics of class and race theory and LGBTQ+ rights.  An important career goal of mine is to contribute my efforts to software development projects that will benefit marginalized communities, whether that is in the role of developer, researcher, or designer.  I know that I can take on any of these roles because I have had experience in my courses performing each role and I am hard-working, pragmatic, creative, detail-oriented, and passionate.

Currently, I'm working as a Computer Science Instructor at Juni Learning. The most valuable things I have gained during my time teaching my students are communication skills, adaptability, patience, and a deeper appreciation for programming languages .I have found that I love to work with both technology and people, and discovered a passion for helping and encouraging children to explore careers in STEM, especially girls and children of color who are underrepresented in the field of computer science. 

Skills & Areas of Expertise

  • Experienced in Python, Java, C++, and the three web development languages (Javascript/Typescript, HTML, CSS/SASS)

  • Experienced in the following web frameworks: Bootstrap, Angular, & React Native

  • Experienced in using APIs with Express.

  • Can code responsive, accessible webpages

  • Can create visually-appealing and structured technical documents for software engineering projects, such as project proposals, tutorials, system design documents, and requirements documents.

  • Well-versed in software engineering processes, requirements elicitation, Boolean logic and discrete mathematics, computer architecture, computer networks, algorithms, regular expressions, and UI/UX (user interface & user experience) design.

  • Familiar with Figma, Visual Studio/VS Code, Eclipse, Jira, Github, Creately, and Lucidchart

  • Experienced in software project management and possesses strong leadership skills, having led several group projects in upper division college courses.

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