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Welcome To My Portfolio :)

Hey there! I'm Ell, an informatics student at UCI who's forever in pursuit of their curiosity, passions, and creativity.


Projects in Informatics & Software Engineering

Below are some of the projects I have created during my studies at UC Irvine. They showcase the work I have done while studying software design, human computer interaction, requirements engineering, technical writing, project management, CSCW, and socio-technical research.


A TypeScript project that displays information on a week's worth of Tweets with #Runkeeper

Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript

A Week of #Runkeeper Tweets

Image by Chander R

Socio-technical ethnography on food trucks in the era after pandemic lockdowns.

Project role: Researcher

So You Want To Own A Food Truck?


CSCW project focused specifically on crisis management during California wildfires

Project role: Researcher, UX Designer

Wildfire App Crisis Management Project


Angular webpage that allows user to browse Spotify and view data on tracks, artists, & albums

Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript

Spotify Browser in Angular

Image by Erik Mclean

A project management endeavor that sought to design and propose a system change to Canvas, a popular LMS.

Project role: Project manager, team member

LMS Project Management


A project in HCI to design a software system that addresses the problem of encouraging college students to cook more at home.

Project role: UX designer


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